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Oh Arc, My Arc – True Colours


*Received from Netgalley*

Not intended for younger readers.

4 star
Four Stars

Description from Goodreads: Oskar used to be Marco’s best friend. His everything. His sunshine yellow.

But that was before. Before Marco stopped being a hot jock. Before he learned to live with scars and pain. And before Oskar tore their friendship apart.

Now the boy next door has returned home, determined to rekindle his friendship with Marco, and Marco’s more afraid than ever. Afraid of getting hurt. Afraid of being humiliated.

Afraid of falling in love.

Can Oskar find a way through Marco’s fear, back into his heart?

True Colors is an enemies to lovers, boy next door, first time, slow burn M/M romance with a generous helping of UST. This no-cliffhanger, HEA book can be read as a standalone.


Yes – the book is spelt True Colors, but I live in South Africa where we like the u’s so I write Colours with a (like it’s meant to be).

I probably fell in love with these characters from the get-go. I’m going to the Town Hall to adopt them, anyone coming with? If we all pool our money together, we can buy McDonalds.


It was such a good read. I loved basically every scene of it, especially anything to do with Marco and Oskar (who are my babies and I love them with all my heart). I really wanted to give it a 4-and-a-half, but stupid Goodreads doesn’t offer that. tumblr_nposxnAqnw1uu93c8o4_250

I love the whole friends-to-lovers trope, but it’s also the worst because they’re friends, which means there’s the possibility of them growing up, which means they know each other, so they’ll be used to each other and know everything and probably have inside jokes and touch each other like real friends do and as much as I love that, it’s also the absolute worst, as it makes you slam the table or whatever is near you – please let it not be an animal – and cry out in anguish because these characters that should be together are not.


I love how Marco sees in colours like come here and let me hug you and bring Oskar as well and then I can just hug both of you 24/7. It reminded of Percy Jackson – with the titles in a specific way. It seems like Chapter Titles are either Chapter 1 and so on or like in Harry Potter – The Deathday Party and so on; but I’m also happy to find a book where the titles are different.


They live in Germany, yet I never see any indication of that other than the landmarks? Where’s the language and slang?

It’s all very good and well that Marco’s learning to love his body and all, but he basically goes from zero to a hundred in a heartbeat, to ‘I can barely look at myself’ to ‘draw me, Elena.’ Not that much realistic. It takes some time to love yourself and be able to let someone else look at you in that way.

There was this confusing part in the beginning of the book where the boys were 13 and the one narrating it (Marco) used words like ‘lurched’, ‘slanted’ and ‘protruded’. I look after a 12 year old and she’s never used any of those words – and she’s smart.

I was wondering on how to pronounce Marco, as I know three ways to pronounce it:

  1. English version – as in Marco Polo
  2. Afrikaans version – pronounced Mar-coh
  3. Italian version – pronounced Mar-koh

Just wondering which pronunciation I should use. Though considering the book is set in Germany, it’s probably the Afrikaans version.

So, they never speak of what happened to Marco the entire book. I was wondering and speculating and thought they would tell me and the scene would end with Marco and Oskar kissing or whatever, but I’m happy that they didn’t tell us.

I love how every chapter’s title is a colour.

So yes, I would definitely recommend this book to everyone! It’s amazing, cute, gay, what more can you want?

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“Two swashbuckling enemy pirates race over high seas searching for Lord Large’s lost treasure. Nothing and no one can stop them except their hearts – or lack thereof.”

– I’m down for that. Anybody with me?


“Bodies – nakedness – it’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

– PREACH IT – let’s just print this quote out and pin it out on every wall and shop window..


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