The Author Not Read – Nocturna

31551085Title: Nocturna
Author: Ashley Elliott
Year Published: 2016
Publisher: Ashley Elliott
Genre: Young Adult ~ Fantasy ~ LGBT+
Stars: 5

Disclaimer: I received this physical book through the author in exchange for a free and honest review. The image header and the quote edits used is my own and the link in the book’s details is to the book’s Goodreads’ page and stores to buy the book. The summary is my own (well, I summarised the Goodreads description). All opinions expressed are my own.

Links: Book Depository || Goodreads || Author’s Website

Valon Wess thinks he’s a normal person. And he is. Until he’s taken to a hidden world and becomes the Dragon King’s first male concubine. He instantly doesn’t like Alexei, but starts to become closer to him as time passes.

Ok, so first I’ve read this book at least five times (I mean, it could be ten, but I’m crap at Maths). Half of those times were editing it and the other half beta reading it. I’m not giving it five stars because I’ve read it five times or whatever (because if I have to go that route, all the Harry Potters would be over ten).


Nocturna deserves five stars because it’s amazing. Like just read it. Give it a go. And give an indie author feels to feel. Because the author is a friend of mine and she’s just wonderful and she will most probably just love you if you read her book (tbh she’ll probably love you if you support Slytherins and hate Dumbledore and whatnot – as is seen by our very lengthy and heated discussions about Harry Potter and all the characters we want to adopt and hug and pair them up with each other).


All right so this is a YA Fantasy (and Fantasy is the genre that started me on reading – thank you, Pappa for reading LotR to me) and it’s LGBT+ (which adds like 2 stars already). I mean everything’s just wonderful in it. The characters are amazing and I just want to hug like all of them. Give or take a million times.  tumblr_ngnkq4RdpR1tzv1dpo1_500

Read the book and you’ll know why. I connected to some of the characters in the way I might act the way they did in certain circumstances, or how I would hope I would act (but I would definitely be a Merry and would most certainly be the one to accidentally kick armour off a well and wake up an entire army. I wonder if the goblin army in Moria reverted to cannibalism in order to survive. No, stop, DB. Stop finding ways to refer to cannibalism).

reaction gif dfkdkdk

Onward with the characters. They’re brilliant. They’re funny. They care. They make you want to insert yourself into the story (which I suspect Narnia and Inkheart took that advice very close to their hearts. Not that I’m complaining).

So now that the characters have drawn you in, allow the plot to draw you in. Ashley (the author) has spent a lot of time building the world. And you can see that she’s spent a lot of time on the world – which is very important, especially when you’re writing a fantasy novel. Also add to the fact that Nocturna is her very first novel, and she self-published it. Can we get a hell yeah for her (hell yeah!)? Can we get a whoop whoop (whoop whoop!)? Can we get her redemption for Tom Riddle (well duh!)?

I mean I could literally go on for days about this book and how wonderful it is and how you should all read it, but then go ahead and then read it! Post a review on Goodreads and Amazon and rave to your friends about it!

Perfect for readers who love fantasy worlds, royalty and love. And sarcastic characters (Valon, you beaut).

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