Bigger Thighs = Just You

Your thighs, sweetheart, are more than just your thighs.

They are the thighs that will walk with you as you take another step towards equal rights.

They are the thighs you’ll use to crush the heads and hearts and bodies of those who say otherwise.

They are the thighs you’ll strap your guns and daggers to to help you win the fight.

Those thighs of yours?

Those absolutely gorgeous thighs of yours that are part of your body?

They’re part of your body, hun.

Never feel that they make you less of a person.

They don’t.

They are the foundation your household will be built upon using the bricks others throw at you.

They are the pillars that will help you to keep your community steady even when it seems to do nothing but fall.

Those thighs make the laps where the new generation will sit.

Those thighs will spell our your past and present and future.

Those thighs will remind you of where your ancestors have been and what they have done.

Those thighs will remind your of what the new generation will be and what they will do.

So, you infinitely exquisite person, do not think you are less of a person if your thighs are bigger than what is considered normal.

Bigger thighs mean a bigger person.

A bigger person means there’s more to hug.

Bigger thighs mean a bigger heart.

A bigger heart means there’s more room to love.

Bigger thighs means a bigger soul.

A bigger soul means there’s more energy to soak up.

Bigger thighs does not and should not mean less of a person.

Bigger thighs mean a bigger person.

And honey?

Bigger is better.

Just look at the universe and the sea.

No one calls them too big or too fat.

Just beautiful.

Just gorgeous.

Just wonderful.

Just amazing.

Just everything.

Just you.

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